Friday, October 1, 2010

It's time for change...

in seasons that is.  It's that time of year when all the colors of nature start to show.  That's one of the things I miss about living up north.  In the south, we go from green to brown.  No pretty colors on the trees and the grass starts to die off and we are left with sand and dirt.  Now that I've painted such a lovely picture of autumn in the south....

Here is my latest creation, "Everlasting Autumn". When I started working on this (over a month ago) I wasn't sure where I wanted to take it. I knew the colors screamed AUTUMN but I wasn't quite ready to do that yet since it's still 90+ degrees outside. But in the end...autumn won.

Sorry, this freebie has expired.  It's available for purchase in my store.

Here are a few 6x4 bragbook pages I made using "Everlasting Autumn", hope you like them.

Download HERE