Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pixel Scrapper May 2016 Blog Train - Happy Birthday

Hey All!  I'm late :o) posting my part of the Pixel Scrapper Blog train...but at least I made it to the party!
I have been having computer issues lately and waiting on my son to fix it or tell me to get a new one (I prefer he fix it of course).  To top that off, my design program just stopped loading so I downloaded another version of the same program but it is only a trial version so I do not have my plug-ins and all that jazz.  My portion of the train is a bit bland (no bells and whistles) because I do not have access to use my Alien Skin plug-ins...I didn't realize how much I actually used them until I didn't have them anymore :o(  Anyway, I figure you may be able to combine the candles or party hat or even the balloons with another designers contribution.  It's not much but it's something.  Happy Scrappin!

Sorry, this download is no longer available

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