Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Pixel Scrapper August 2017 Blog Train - Good Vibes

Well Hello!  Welcome to August!  Can you believe it's getting close to the end of summer...well for some of us anyway.  We probably won't see cooler weather here in Florida until around mid-October (bummer).  I guess I can't complain too much since the tropics have been pretty quiet so far this summer (knocking on wood).  

I have been working on this kit for most of June and the entire month of July simply because I had zero ideas flowing through my head.  I've had plenty of time to ponder ideas but I've been enjoying time outdoors since I lost my job at the beginning of June.  The company that I worked for (for 12 years) decided to close our billing office and redistributed the work among two of the other billing offices in Texas and Kansas.  It was kind of a bummer since I really enjoyed working there and I really miss all of my co-workers.  The good thing is the type of work we do is abundant so the possibility that some of us may work together again some day are pretty great.  I had already planned a vacation for the week of July 4th so to have this happen before my vacation made it difficult for me to job hunt.  Not too many companies want to hire someone who will be taking a vacation within the first month of being hired....so I waited.  

I started a new job on July 24th....that was the longest I have been out of work in over 20 years and it felt great.  I needed that time off.  I feel refreshed and my batteries are recharged 😊

This is what I have for you for the August blog train.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Download HERE

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