Monday, December 1, 2014

Pixel Scrapper December 2014 Blog Train - The Nutcracker

I have to confess...I almost didn't get this done.  I had a few of the elements done but wasn't feeling inspired so I walked away from my computer for what seemed like weeks.  I only started tinkering with it again a few days ago.  I created a few papers and a few more elements and the long lost "inspiration fairy" struck and I just kept going.  Good thing I've been on vacation this past week or this space may still be blank, eek :-) I tried to make a nutcracker by hand and he looked even more creepy than he already is so I replaced him with the owl.  The alpha was created based on an old card I found with pieces of cardboard with glitter and old music sheets glued to the cardboard.  I thought it was cute.  Mine, of course isn't as cute as the one I had seen but it'll do.  I hope you all enjoy my version of the Nutcracker.  

You will find the download link below each image below or if you just want the whole kit including the alpha and journal cards; please use the All In One link at the very end of this post.  

Don't forget to visit Pixel Scrapper to gather the other designers creations.  Happy Scrappin'.

Sorry, this download is no longer available