Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pixel Scrapper December 2012 Blog Train - A Winter Pixel

I've got a freebie for you plus lots of links to other great freebies!

Sorry, this freebie has expired.

***My little store is down for a needs a little TLC***
If you are in need of a kit that you've seen here on my blog, please use the "Where to find me" link on the sidebar, send me an email with the name of the kit and we'll go from there.   Keep in mind, they are no longer free once the links are removed, so expired freebie requests will not be granted.

You can grab the rest of the blog train links from Pixel Scrapper HERE, Happy Scrappin'! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

My Store @ Scrapdebris.....

is closing by the end of the year.  Scrapdebris isn't going away, so you can still stop by and say hi to Lisa.  I will be retiring all of the kits prior to 2012 but you never know, you might find them here on the blog some day.  This doesn't mean I will stop sharing but designing has been put on the back burner for awhile, just until real life settles down a little bit.  My oldest son will be coming back home soon (yay!!) what mom doesn't want their son to come back to the nest.  He will be 20 this December and has had a little taste of being on his own for several months...needless to say he hasn't done so well. But after he moved out, our youngest decided he wanted the bigger room so now the big kid has to move into the small bedroom (kid paint and all).  I am taking a few vacation days from work so I can get the room organized since we've been using it for storage so it's a little messy right now.  We've been doing some remodeling around the house so everything is out of place and very dusty!  The next to get done is a concrete slab in the back of the house.  We decided against a wooden deck since Florida isn't the greatest place for that.  The sun beating down on it can't be good.  After that, I am hoping for new floors!  I found some wood planks on pinterest that I totally love.  I would have to get the fabricated wood of course, the humidity down here would make the wood warp.  I know there is a way to do it so it would give the wood room to expand when the humidity is up, I just don't want to take that chance.  Anyway, the wood I want is Antique Tobacco Pine made out of old barn wood.

Gorgeous isn't it?  I love it!  I will do some more reseach before we decide because I would really love to have the real stuff!!  So that explains a little bit why my posts are "here and there".  We both work full time and doing what we can when we can.  I will return soon with some goodies.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Freebie

Finally!  I hear ya.  I did create a kit in between my last one but it never made it to the blog.  It's been uploaded but there is where it sits.  I took too much time with it and now the season isn't right.  I might tweak it a bit and release it closer to spring....maybe.

This is the opposite of what I was going for but I got distracted and it grew a life of it's own.  I started with only 3 colors for this kit but it kinda had a mind of it's own and went a little sideways.
Happy Scrappin'

Sorry, this freebie has expired.

To save individual bragbook pages, click to open larger image, right click and save as.
If you want them all, you can get them here.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bringing back an oldie...

By request, Teresa this is for you...and anyone else who may like to have it.  This is an old kit that was retired some time ago.  I will leave these up for the week so snag it now. 

Sorry, the download is no longer available.
Let me know if the links do not work, they have been on 4Shared for a long time so it's possible they have become corrupt.  I am in the process of moving to a new "cloud" to share my stuff as 4Shared has become too unpredictable and I never know if I will be able to access my files that day soooo, it's time to move on.

Sorry, the download is no longer available.
I will be back to post the link to where the bragbook pages are...since I removed my list on the side (eek) I have no idea where they are on this blog, lol.

Found it:

***Also, just so you know, the original preview on that post also includes other designers that were included in that daily download.  The links provided above only include my part of that collab kit.***

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Photobooks at Artscow for 99 cents!!

They are having a .99 cent sale.  You can create a 6x6 or 7x5 photobook for only .99 cents with FREE SHIPPING!!  Go HERE and enter code Z099BOOKSUZF5 at checkout.  This offer ends on 9/30/12.

I also have some items to give away from Artscow.  Use the coupon code below to redeem your item.  The coupon code is only good for the quantity stated, so when it's used up, the code will no longer work.

2- Recycle Bag (One Side)                        expires 9/27/2012  use code  ffuegegjtm1s

2- Mini Toiletries Bag (One Side)              expires 9/27/2012  use code  jdxivgglk7y4

3- Wall Calendar 11 x 8.5 (12-Months)    expires 9/27/2012  use code  xtbniiyb1x68

3- Flip Top Lighter                                    expires 9/27/2012  use code  4st03ul15s32

2- Sport Metal Watch                               expires 9/27/2012  use code  8etwcfwrl1ka

2- Ornament (Round)                               expires 9/27/2012  use code  d5rpa3jg6jb0

2- Ornament (Star)                                   expires 9/27/2012  use code  qnoh797rqepw

3- 2.25" Handbag Mirror                         expires 9/27/2012  use code  4rcnw81rpkot

2- Pillow Case                                         expires 9/27/2012  use code  r8x5cvflyt3o

6- 8x8 Photo Book (20 pages)                 expires 9/29/2012  use code  agxoznqjgqv3

Christmas is right around the corner!  Get your books ordered now so you have them in time to give as gifts!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Splash Freebie

Hello All!  It's been a quiet summer on my blog.  I've been working on this kit pretty much all summer...a little here and a little's huge!  There is over 300MB of goodies wrapped up in Summer Splash.  This kit is so big, I had to create two previews just for the papers and elements.  There are also journal pages, clusters, stacked papers and bragbook pages!  This is what happens when you have to use scrapping as your relaxation tool, lol.  This kit has put me to sleep all summer long.  There were some nights I had to force myself to shut off the computer and just go to bed (3:30 a.m.).  I really like it and I hope you do too!

Sorry, this freebie has expired.

As with previous posts, if you wish to only download one or two of the bragbook pages, you can click to enlarge, then right click to save to your computer.  If you want them all, there is a link at the bottom of the previews.

Download All Bragbook pages HERE

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Artscow Freebies

I've got some more items available at Artscow that I won't have time to use.  To find out how to use the coupon codes read this post.  Once the code has been used up it will no longer work, have fun creating.

1- Two Tone Tote Bag-use code jfmwp0p4soa5  expires 7/25/2012
2- Recycle Bag (One Side)-use code j8t29t0s803q  expires 7/25/2012
3- Wall Calendar 11 x 8.5 (12-Months)-use code w4p01rembqu5 expires 7/25/2012
3-Playing Cards Single Design-use code umoservaw5p4 expires 7/25/2012
2-Belt Buckle-use code 2lxx521t9cyj expires 7/25/2012
2-Pillow Case-use code 0qxnmw7aif2w expires 7/25/2012
3-5.5" x 8.5" Notebook-use code kijmxajhzut1 expires 7/25/2012
2-Magic Photo Cube-use code a29l3rjy7krg expires 7/25/2012
4-Rubber Coaster (Square)-use code mzvtbpnve9be expires 7/25/2012
5-8x8 Photo Book (20 pages)-use code ll40xbbdrj0r expires 8/4/2012
3-9x7 Photo Book (20 pages)-use code okl6j4efn09p expires 8/4/2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Old Freebies

Upon request, I have decided to "re-share" some older kits that I have either retired or are about to be retired.  Wow, you can really tell how much my kits have evolved! 

Download 'America' elements HERE and papers HERE
Sorry, the links are no longer available.

Download 'Day of Independance' elements HERE and papers HERE
Sorry, the links are no longer available.

Download 'Star Spangled" HERE
Sorry, the link is no longer available.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dad's Day 2012

Sorry this has taken forever to finish.  I still wanted to try for a few more elements but it just wasn't happening.  Well, I'll make this a short post and just right to it.

 Download elements HERE
Download papers HERE
Sorry, this link is no longer available. 

To download the bragbook pages you can either click the image and save the png image or you can download them all at the end of the post.  Hope you enjoy.

Download all bragbook pages HERE

I found more free photobooks on my Artscow account that I will not be using.  See this post for instructions.
5- 8x8 photobooks (20 pages) offer expires 7/2/2012 key # gptxh3gj7282

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Free stuff at Artscow

Does anyone use Artscow?  I have a bunch of items that expire on or before 6/27/12 that I would like to share.  If you decide to use the transfer key provided (first come first serve) please check out the help ( ) section if you've never used the site before.

To get started:
Here are the items and transfer keys, all you have to pay is shipping costs which depending on the item can be a little high.  An 8x8 20 page photo book generally runs about $8 or $9 to ship but that also may depend on where you are. 

Create an account and enter the transfer key as a coupon and validate.  The item will be placed on your account and applied when you are ready to order.  Be sure to order before the expiration date.  If there are multiples of one item below and you only use one item, the remaining quantity will still be available for someone else to use.  If you enter the key and you get an "invalid coupon code" this means the item has been used. 

1- Round Mousepad   offer expires 6/27/2012  key # 12n9217okpup
1- Large Mousepad   offer expires 6/27/2012  key # adwdij87k0ni
1- Heart Mousepad  offer expires 6/27/2012  key #7fzuov3i4cav
1- Round Keychain   offer expires 6/27/2012  key # 7chzmc6ca0fh
1- Rectangle Keychain  offer expires 6/27/2012  key # kv7w5r67kwzh
1- Heart Keychain  offer expires 6/27/2012  key # 9zipc757s7q5
1- 3-Ring Keychain   offer expires 6/27/2012  key # s68znsb4atsw
5- Large Memo Pads  offer expires 6/27/2012  key # cpb1fyb0obzz
5- Small Memo Pads  offer expires 6/27/2012  key # molealaw5ifc
3- Name Stamps   offer expires 6/27/2012  key # 6ggwy7t03mhs
3- Cushion Case (one side)  offer expires 6/27/2012  key # fwsuj368tij5
3- Flip top Lighter  offer expires 6/27/2012  key # ltub2kahxjmb
3- Heart Italian Charm Watch  offer expires 6/27/2012  key # oumf1vo2fijb
2- Sport Metal Watch   offer expires 6/27/2012  key # gmytvao0480t
3- 2.25" Handbag Mirror   offer expires 6/27/2012  key # da39gy0ddx32
5- 9x7 Photo Book (20 pages)   offer expires 7/2/2012  key # nzxaejjwinxf
6- 7x5 Photo Book (20 pages)   offer expires 7/6/2012  key # 50l6wzkxw6yd
6- 6x6 Photo Book (20 pages)   offer expires 7/6/2012  key # 99b6vwll3hq1
100- 4x6 Prints   offer expires 7/7/2012  key # 6y4ydvhlasj2
50- 5x7 Prints   offer expires 7/22/2012  key # 7vo90osvpqqr

Have fun!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Better Late than Never....

Hope everyone had a Happy Mothers Day this past Sunday.  I wanted to get this posted before but that never happened.  Maybe you will find use for at least one or two leftover pictures.  I couldn't think of the proper elements to put in this one so you get the basic ribbons, buttons, bows and flowers.  I hope I get my mojo back soon.  I've been leaving my computer sit untouched a lot longer these days that I have in the past 5 or 6 years, I guess I just need to take a break from time to time. 

Sorry, this freebie has expired.
It's available for purchase in my store.

The quickpage is not the correct size and must be downloaded, sorry. 
The file was just too large to upload onto the blog. 
The link is below the post.

 The bragbook pages can be either saved by clicking on the image and right click; save as...
or download below.

Download Bragbook Pages and QP HERE

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My last spring freebie...Pastel Spring

It's taken me forever to get this posted, there just hasn't been enough hours in the day.  I finally realized that the lighter colors are not my strong suite for designing.  I do so much better with the darker colors or bold colors, these lighter pastel type colors never work out the way I picture them.  Hope someone can use this anyway.

Sorry, this freebie has expired.  It's available for purchase in my store.

The bragbook pages have been uploaded in their original size; you can click on each one you want and save as to your computer or download all of them in the link provided at the end of this post.

Download Bragbook Pages HERE

And a little something extra...I made this for a project I was working on and figured someone else may get some use out of it.  It's like a little calendar.  You can change the month and just move the little slider over to the date you want.  Of course to use this on a layout, the slider won't actually move but it was a cute idea for anything you have a pre-planned date or something. 

Download HERE

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Beauty Freebie

Yes, it's another spring themed kit.  Sorry.  I was working on three kits at the same time.  I just didn't have time to get them all completed.  I still have one more in the works as well as a Mothers Day and Fathers Day kit and still working on the kit for my Ancestry book.  My hard drive is becoming quite full.  Hope you like...

Sorry, this freebie has expired.  It's available for purchase in my store.

 Below are the bragbook pages.  To make things easy for everyone, you can click on the image, right click and save as...there will be a link at the end if you prefer to download all bragbook pages.

Download ALL Bragbook pages HERE

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ready for Spring??

Spring has arrived!  Hope you all enjoy!

Sorry, this freebie has expired.  It's available for purchase in my store.

The bragbook pages are still available on the blog.

Click on bragbook page; right click and save as....

Click on bragbook page; right click and save as....
Click on bragbook page; right click and save as....

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ready for a Bit O'Green?

Well my vision of a St. Patty's Day kit didn't come out exactly as I had imagined but I do like the papers so I decided to share.  Download if you like it, if you don't, my feelings won't be hurt, lol.  I know it's not the greatest but....why delete it right?  I'm glad you like the new download site.  I'm still unsure how it all works tho.  The only downside to it is I must keep the file active on my hard drive in order for it to stay on SugarSync.  That is a problem since I am still babying my old computer and I am running out of space.  I have two external hard drives; one is 500GB and the other is 1TB.  This is plenty of space but not sure I can sync from those because only turn them on long enough to move my kits to it after I'm done.  But I'll give it a try for a while and see how it goes.

Sorry, this freebie has expired.
It's available for purchase in my store.

As with the "Got Heart" Bragbook pages, I will offer them the same, individually or an download all link at the end.
Click on bragbook page, right click and save as...or download them all at the end of this post.
 Click on bragbook page, right click and save as...or download them all at the end of this post.
 Click on bragbook page, right click and save as...or download them all at the end of this post.
 Click on bragbook page, right click and save as...or download them all at the end of this post.
Download Bragbook Pages HERE 4Shared
Download Bragbook Pages HERE SugarSync