Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pixel Scrapper October 2014 Blog Train - Autumn Art

My favorite time of the year!!  We don't get the fantastic fall colors here in Florida but I remember growing up in Ohio and seeing the leaves change colors, the winds blew a little cooler at night and by mid October my sister and I would be walking to school, kicking the leaves on the sidewalk as we strolled onward. The memories I have growing up in Akron, OH...those were the best days of my life as a kid.  We lived in what people that reside there called "little Italy".  So many Italians migrated to that area back in the late 1800's and they started families and made North Hill their home.  I have only gone back there a few times since leaving back in 1993 and things have changed so much.  It broke my heart to see how much the old neighborhood had changed.  I guess as with everything else in life, things goes on.

Sorry, this freebie has expired.

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I almost forgot!  I made a few journal cards but I didn't get to finish them.  Maybe leaving a few of them will give you more options to use them.  You can add more elements if you'd like :o)  You can click on each one and "save as" or download all of them HERE.

 The blog is giving me a fit this morning.  I wasn't able to get the images side by side...grrr.  Enjoy!