Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy NSD!

Scrapdebris News

Designs by Lisa Minor and BitsO'Scrap are having an awesome NSD sale!
Purchase the Golden Ticket for $9 and you get 20 kits and you have up to six months to order your kits. Purchase the Silver Ticket for $5 and you get 10 kits and still have up to six months to order your kits.

This will allow YOU to purchase the ticket, and keep on shopping and hunting for some GREAT freebies all over the web!

Simply purchase your choice of Golden or Silver Ticket (or both if you'd like), and you have UP TO 6 MONTHS to order your kits. It includes all current and NEW kits going into our individual stores.

When you're ready, just email the designer a list of your kits, one at a time, several at a time, or all at once! You'll get an immediate receipt and confirmation via paypal, and we'll also send you a follow up confirmation to let you know we're ready when you are!

Click on the tickets to go to the homepage of Scrapdebris to purchase them. You'll receive a confirmation from paypal, and we'll contact you via email to let you know we'll be ready when you are to order our kits!

This offer is only available May 1st-May 3rd so don't hesitate to pick up this great deal.

This way you are not stuck behind the computer shopping when you could be out snagging some awesome freebies. Come back later when you have more time to browse around the store.

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