Saturday, June 9, 2012

Free stuff at Artscow

Does anyone use Artscow?  I have a bunch of items that expire on or before 6/27/12 that I would like to share.  If you decide to use the transfer key provided (first come first serve) please check out the help ( ) section if you've never used the site before.

To get started:
Here are the items and transfer keys, all you have to pay is shipping costs which depending on the item can be a little high.  An 8x8 20 page photo book generally runs about $8 or $9 to ship but that also may depend on where you are. 

Create an account and enter the transfer key as a coupon and validate.  The item will be placed on your account and applied when you are ready to order.  Be sure to order before the expiration date.  If there are multiples of one item below and you only use one item, the remaining quantity will still be available for someone else to use.  If you enter the key and you get an "invalid coupon code" this means the item has been used. 

1- Round Mousepad   offer expires 6/27/2012  key # 12n9217okpup
1- Large Mousepad   offer expires 6/27/2012  key # adwdij87k0ni
1- Heart Mousepad  offer expires 6/27/2012  key #7fzuov3i4cav
1- Round Keychain   offer expires 6/27/2012  key # 7chzmc6ca0fh
1- Rectangle Keychain  offer expires 6/27/2012  key # kv7w5r67kwzh
1- Heart Keychain  offer expires 6/27/2012  key # 9zipc757s7q5
1- 3-Ring Keychain   offer expires 6/27/2012  key # s68znsb4atsw
5- Large Memo Pads  offer expires 6/27/2012  key # cpb1fyb0obzz
5- Small Memo Pads  offer expires 6/27/2012  key # molealaw5ifc
3- Name Stamps   offer expires 6/27/2012  key # 6ggwy7t03mhs
3- Cushion Case (one side)  offer expires 6/27/2012  key # fwsuj368tij5
3- Flip top Lighter  offer expires 6/27/2012  key # ltub2kahxjmb
3- Heart Italian Charm Watch  offer expires 6/27/2012  key # oumf1vo2fijb
2- Sport Metal Watch   offer expires 6/27/2012  key # gmytvao0480t
3- 2.25" Handbag Mirror   offer expires 6/27/2012  key # da39gy0ddx32
5- 9x7 Photo Book (20 pages)   offer expires 7/2/2012  key # nzxaejjwinxf
6- 7x5 Photo Book (20 pages)   offer expires 7/6/2012  key # 50l6wzkxw6yd
6- 6x6 Photo Book (20 pages)   offer expires 7/6/2012  key # 99b6vwll3hq1
100- 4x6 Prints   offer expires 7/7/2012  key # 6y4ydvhlasj2
50- 5x7 Prints   offer expires 7/22/2012  key # 7vo90osvpqqr

Have fun!

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