Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Grandmother's House"

The long awaited "Grandmother's House" by Derek M Designs has been released. This kit is going to be pretty big so it's divided into parts. You can still snag the first part on Derek's blog.

Anneli over at Attic Treasures has created these fantastic elements to "Grandmother's House", you can snag these over on Anneli's blog.

Be sure to check back for the remaining parts to build your fabulous "Grandmother's House" LO's. Derek's CT (which I am honored to be a part of) was able to play with the kit first and I made a couple QP's for you too. Here are the previews for them:

Of course you will have to wait on these for a day or two....I have to give you time to relish over the two parts above, hehehe....

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  1. hi tina, those kits look awesome, and you've been doing a lot of fabulous work!!!

    thanks so much for your kind words... i am soo sorry for taking so long to hop over here, but just wanted to let you know that i have done my part of the tag, yay!!! :D

    hope you're having a great day, my friend! (((hugs)))